I've worked with Full Throttle Magazine for a long time, and I remember when Pham Chiropractic Medical Services came on with as an advertiser. Dr. Edward Pham, "The Biker Doctor" (The Phaminator, as we affectionately call him at the office), has become a closefriend of the Full Throttle family. Most everyone has become a patient of his, except for me. I had my reasons; A: I didn't have any back problems, and B: I was terrified of chiropractors.

But a few weeks ago, I woke up with tremendous pain and numbness in my left arm, and my hand was in a claw position. Apparently, I slept on my arm wrong all night long and I caused major inflammation in my shoulder and arm. After a week of it not getting any better but worse, I reluctantly contacted Dr. Pham, who saw me immediately.

He told me my arm would be better in two weeks, and I didn't feel it could be possible with the amount of symptoms I was having. But sure enough to his word, it's been two weeks and my arm, shoulder and hand are just about back to normal. I was amazed, and still am, and I credit this to Dr. Pham; Daniel, his assistant; and the rest of his staff. Not only am I greatly improved, I feel I have new friends as well!

I am not writing this testimonial because of my affiliation with Full Throttle Magazine. I'm writing it because I discovered chiropractic is nothing to be feared, and also to pass the word to you on how it helped my situation. In addition, I want to again thank Dr. Pham and staff for their care. And I guess "The Phaminator" would be a proper nickname because, after all, "I'll be back."

Cheryl Tracy Associate to the Editors




Letter from a thankful beliver.

I first injured my back at the age of 26 while moving from Ohio to Georgia. I did not know I hurt my back until 3 or 4 days later. The pain was so bad that when I woke up, I had to roll out of bed to the floor. I was hurt so bad that a pillow was to heavy for me to pick up. 1 had to crawl to the car, and everywhere for a full day. Never have I experienced such pain! Needless to say, I just got it rubbed down by a therapist. Two years passed and I just dealt with and attempted to manage the pain. Between 2008 and 2009, I went to a Chiropractor, Primary Doctor, and Physical Thrapist. All seemed to help a little. The Chiropractic visits helped a little but it seemed like we never could see what the cause of my pain was. The Primary Doctor took x-rays of my spine and said everything looked normal. He referred me to a Physical Therapist who told me the muscles I hurt in my back had stopped working and my other back muscles were over compensating and doing double the work. It made sense to me, but I only would hurt every other month or so. Then in 2010 I accidentally slipped on the top step in my home and fell on my back and continued falling for 16 steps. (Thank God for carpet!) I jumped up and thought I was ok. Four to six days later I woke up and felt like someone was hitting me in the back with an ax! It continued, pain medicine did not work, heat did not work, ice did not work. Then the worst part happened. Every 6 to 10 minutes a sharp pain would hit me and knock me to the ground. If I was walking, sitting, standing, or laying down, it did not matter, the sharp pain would still bring me to the floor. At this point something had to be done. I found Dr.Edward Pham, another Chiropractor and he brought me in and x-rayed me and actually showed me the problems I had. It turned out that my spine was thrown off track and my pelvis was all off track. One of my disks had worn thin and had healed wrong from the first time I hurt myself. Now due to the last accident the untreated problem was worse. Dr. Pham really knows what he is doing, and I highly recommend him and his staff. Even if you don't live in this area, find a reputable Chiropractor if you have any pain in your back, neck or joints. For my situation, the Primary Doctor wanted to just put me on meds to stop the pain which did not fix the problem. The Physical Therapist exercised me to activate the muscles that were not being used. Dr. Pham physically adjusted my spine to where things need do be over a period of time. Then I could exercise and strengthen what needs to be strengthend without surgery. I have learned that ail of these different Doctors and disciplines each have their place depending on what the problem is. In my case however Dr. Pham is the right choice for whats wrong with my back. After all I am only 30, and I have at least sixty years left of playing hard with my family and friends and hunting and fishing. Thanks Dr. Pham!!! I know you've go my back.

By: Corey T. Latham Sr.


I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to Dr. Pham and his staff there at Pham Chiropractic. I was ina serious car accident about ten years ago in which my head hit the windshield causing damage to my neck and back. Soon after the accident I sought relief thru Chiropractic care due to the pain and loss of mobility in my neck and shoulders. Since that time I have been under the care of four different Chiropractors before being introduced to Dr. Pham. I did receive some relief from the others but honestly none have compared to the firstclass careI have received by Dr. Pham and his well trained staff. He uses such precise and unique ways of adjusting exactly what needs to be adjusted. And the additional care and treatments I receive from his staff are truly the icing on the cake!

I truly thank the Lord for leading me to suchawonderful group of healthcare professionals that provide such care and genuine concern for their patients. I have been so blessed by their care that I've started bringing my wife and three young children in for adjustments and they love it as well. I highly recommend Pham Chiropractic to anyone and everyone regardless of their present conditions.


Jonah Simonds


In October, 2006 my primary physician referred me to a surgeon for chronic back and neck pain. Test indicated that I had a herniated disk (L4/L5) in my lower back and pinched nerves in my neck that was limiting the use of my right arm. The only question the surgeon had was which to operate on first, my neck or my lower back.

Concerned about the need for two operations I returned to Dr. Jimmerson, my primary doctor, for a referral seeking a second opinion. Dr. Jimmerson stated that if I wasn't sure about surgery that some people were having good results with alternative medicine and suggested that I try chiropractic treatments.

After the very first treatment from Doctor Pham my back pain was reduced and within two weeks I was without pain for the first time in over a year. Strength has returned to my right arm and now my signature is actually legible. Dr. Pham had provided a regiment of exercises to increase stability in my back to help prevent future occurrences.

I will always be very grateful to Dr. Pham for making it possible to avoid costly and depilating surgery.


Thank You ~ Newton Langford



For over two weeks I struggles with very intense pain in my back, hip and leg. The pain was so severe that when I stood up I had to stand in one place for a minute before starting to take a step. Half of my leg eventually became numb. Each step became more painful. I took anti-inflammatory medicine, muscle relaxers and pain pills but none if these even came close to solving the problem and my condition worsened. I finally couldn’t pick up my foot completely and would stumble some as I walked.


Since Dr. Pham had done so much to help my husband, my family wanted me to try chiropractic treatments instead of surgery. Knowing surgery isn’t always a solution and is so very intrusive. Dr. Pham did test and discovered I had pinched nerves and a very twisted spine, which was the cause of all my discomfort. Because of the severity of my condition Dr. Pham put me in a much accelerated regiment of treatments and adjustments to help give me relief. After my first visit I was in less pain and much more comfortable. My second visit made it possible for me to sleep and greatly alleviated my pain.


I have continued to make outstanding improvements with each visit shortly I will be back at 100% and be pain free. Thank you Dr. Pham for all the special treatments I have received and for your interest and deep concern.


Thanks again for being such a special and caring doctor ~ Carol Langford



My husband and I wanted to start a family and after 1 ½ years of trying with no luck, we decided to look for answers. We visited doctors and did a lot of testing; from blood samples to sonograms, and none of them revealed that either of us had anything wrong. To the gynecologist knowledge the next step was fertility treatment. I was a little skeptic about doing fertility treatments first because they are VERY expensive and second because I refused to go through with it when we supposedly had nothing wrong.


One day a good friend, who actually works in the office, recommended me to come see Dr. Pham after listening to my story. I can now say this has been a blessing and it is the best thing that could ever happen.


After x-rays and careful evaluation, it turns out that I had a tilted pelvis which was causing lots of problems including pinching nerves that most probably was affecting my ovulation.


After one month of treatment and adjustments with Dr. Pham, guess what? I was pregnant! It was unbelievable to be proof of such a natural and wonderful alternative fertility treatment. Best of all no drugs, no hormones, no surgery!


Thank you so much! I will always be grateful ~ Nivia Torress



I wanted to say “thank you” for the outstanding care that I have received from you and your staff. In my line of work as a firefighter, there is a lot of heavy lifting, and twisting that puts alot of continuous stress on your back. When I came to your office I could hardly walk-after leaving your office I was a new man. People in the community don’t realize that people like you make a difference in their daily lives whether they need a chiropractor or not. Your are the BACKBONE of public safety. If it weren’t for people like you, helping people like us (firefighters, police and EMTs) the criminals would be loose, fires wouldn’t be extinguished and people would not get medical attention. I am proud to say you are MY doctor.


Thanks ~ Captain Jimmy Gittens NREMT-P:PNCCT, City of Atlanta Fire Department



April 17, 2009 I was admitted to the hospital with severe depression caused by severe back, neck, hands, legs and feet pain. After a stay of 6 days with strong medications, x-rays, MRIs, EKGs, ultrasounds and more. Seen by psychiatrist, psychologist surgeons and more. Surgeons advised me to have surgery with only a promise of 25% use of my neck. My husband Larry convinced me to see Dr. Pham. I was in such horrific pain I could not even think on my own. I have known Dr. Pham for 11 years as a friend and as my doctor. He has always told me maintenance is important. I did not follow his advice, which was what got me in poor health. He has always helped me to get back on my feet and again I would fail his advice. I failed to go for an adjustment for 2 years and 2 years later I was a basket case. Dr. Pham looked at all my x-rays, reports and test. He concluded lets try 3 months of treatment. Within 4 days I was better and 2 weeks late I was almost on top of the world. Dr. Pham had mentioned to me that if he could relieve 50% of my pain if I would go for it. Of course I said yes, 50% to me was like an answer to my prayers. With all honesty and God as my witness, my sister Mona and my children thought they were losing me. It has now been 8 weeks since I have started my treatment and I am 80% better! I am enjoying life again with my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Pham. God bless you, your family, and your staff. The secret is faith. Follow your doctor’s advice, he knows better. Maintenance is the key word. I am almost pain free and off medication. I was taking nine medications a day, now I only take one!


Thanks again Dr. Pham, your friend ~ Margie Eubanks



I have been a patient of Dr. Pham for 2 years on and off during that time due to money issues and no insurance. A recent injury about 3 months ago made me need care weekly. Not being able to afford weekly care on my budget Dr. Pham made arrangements with me that I could afford. This allowed me to be under his care which I desperately need due to past neglect to my spine (past history) I am 38 years old, at 17 I had my first spinal injury. Misdiagnosed, I went 15 years with some chiropractic care. But the lack of correct care, left me with moderate nerve damage in my lower extremities. In which I have lost some feeling in my legs. Resulting in the size of my legs has slowly shrinking. Bad for me, but a result of my lack of correct care. Currently I have been under Dr. Pham’s care weekly. As an obvious result by looking at my past to current x-rays. In a 3 month period we noticed amazing results in my progress. I work in an industry of lifting wheels and tires weighting in excess of 125 lbs (I weigh 155 lbs). Not an issue of Dr. Pham’s care, I did not wear my black belt at work! Lifting a wheel around 65 lbs and injury occurred. I blew my lower back out. Just my luck, it was on a Saturday. Knowing the extent of my injury, I went home and did the ice and heat deal for the rest of the weekend. Calling first thing in the morning Monday am, I was in the office by 10:30 am. My injury had my head centered over my right foot, no kidding! I was in very serious pain. The caring nature of the staff and knowing and caring about my past history made my trip to the back rooms a breeze. In only 2 treatments, 1 in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was still hurting when I left the office. My next appointment was the next day at 5pm, in the time between appointments, following Dr. Pham’s instructions. I had what I would call a miracle. By the time I went to my appointment, I was 95% recovered! Not wanting to use the !! too much I will stop! Anyway, that is how I feel. In my past, the same injury would have taken 3 to 4 weeks to heal and never be healed. The science of chiropractic is a gift to us through Dr. Pham. He is one of the seven different doctors I have seen for my back. He is THE only one to work with me financially and properly to repair my past damage. We both know my past injuries are not repairable. But the proper care I am receiving will help restore what I do have left and prevent further injuries from occurring. I was chosen by something to meet Dr. Pham!


Thank you Dr. Pham ~ Paul



About 2 years ago I observed a subtle, constant shaking in both of my hands. This shaking progressively worsened as time continued on, and it began to affect my performance on my everyday tasks such as typing and writing, as my hands would begin to shake so much I had to occasionally stop. Eventually the shaking became so bad that I couldn’t properly hold small objects or hold a pencil steadily.


I was not sure what I should do about my situation at first, but my parents recommended that I should go see their friend, Dr. Edward Pham. He has helped both of my parents with back problems and even helped my father with broken ribs that not even the hospital could diagnose. I thought I may as well go and see if there was anything he could do to help my problem. I was pleasantly surprised at the results.


In less than 3 weeks my hands completely stopped shaking. I just could not believe how fast Dr. Pham was able to fix my condition. Now I can type and write without any problems and I can finish my work much faster than before. It is amazing at just how fast Dr. Pham was able to fix my hands compared to how long I was suffering from the shaking, and I’ll be sure to come see Dr. Pham as soon as I think another problem has come up.


Thanks Dr. Pham, Sincerely ~ Matthew Sirignano



I have seen many chiropractors over the years for a problem with my pelvis that caused terrible pain in my hip area and lower back. No treatment had been successful. I was hesitant to see Dr. Pham because of this, even though he was highly recommended by my osteopath. Dr. Pham assured me that he knew other ways to treat the problem.


My first adjustment brought immediate relief! The next morning, we began over 24 hours of planes, airports and car rides on our trip to Russia to adopt our son Toma. To my amazement, the relief lasted throughout this process and for several days! Two weeks later, I came home from Russia and returned to Dr. Pham’s office. My husband, Robbie, was so impressed at the fact that I was no longer in pain that he insisted seeing Dr. Pham when he returned from Russia (2 weeks after my return). He enjoyed the same immediate relief from the pain in his back and feet.


Robbie and I had never tried to conceive, but I had been told years ago (during the 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive with my first husband) that I would not be able to conceive without fertility treatments. Regardless, we decided to wait so that we could spend as much time with Toma (who was 13 when we adopted) as we could before he went to college.


Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was pregnant! I conceived Nathan about a month after my first adjustment, and only a couple of weeks after I began going to Dr. Pham on a regular basis. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that my youngest son would not be here if it was not for Dr. Pham’s expert care.


Dr. Pham now treats both of my sons. Nathan had the same basic problem that I did, but Dr. Pham began solving the problem when Nathan was only 5 days old. It is now completely gone! And now, he is beginning to walk at only 6 months old because his body is working exactly as it should thanks to Dr. Pham!


Amber South


I was first introduced to you in January 2000 (the new millennium for me). I had been to several chiropractors in the past with no success. I decided to go ahead and walk-in your office and was greeted with friendly smiles and lots of laughter.


I explained my lower back problems and you went straight to work taking x-rays of my back. On my next visit you were extremely excited and anxious in telling me that you have found the cause of my lower back pain. You stated that you found that I had previously broken my back. Had a missing vertebrate and a fractured vertebrate. In the next breath you said excitedly that you could help.


To my great surprise you did help with my back and restored my faith in chiropractic medicine. To this day I still come to you for regular maintenance and tune-ups. Thank you so much for the relief of the pain that I was experiencing in my lower back. YOU DID HELP! You’re the man, the doctor and the great chiropractor!


Thank you ~ Perry Cook



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the difference that your treatment plan has made in my life. My initial visit to you in March 2003 was for chronic lower back and hip pain. During my initial visit, you inquired into any other health problems that I was experiencing. I mentioned that the first few days of my menstrual cycle were extremely painful. You then explained that when your lower back is out of adjustment that it can affect many other bodily functions negatively. Furthermore, you stated that with the adjustment of my lower back that I should experience less menstrual pain.


Now that I have been under your care for over 2 months, I am happy to say that I have seen tremendous results from your treatments. My lower back pain has subsided greatly and my menstrual cycle is much easier.


Once again, thank you ~ April M.




I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and my husband. When you first called me and told me that you could help me with my anxiety attacks I will have to admit I was a little skeptical. I had been going to the doctor almost everyday for 2 weeks to get this under control. All they could do us put me on medications. I had been taking Prozac and Xanax and still had all the dizzy spells and my hands and body would just shake all day long. I was only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. From the very first visit with you I could tell my body relaxed some. After about 3 visits I came completely off my medications, was getting to sleep better and I was finally able to deal with my job and the everyday stress that I have. I have been seeing you now for about 2 months and feel great. I still have a few bad days but I can come see you and I feel fine as soon as I leave. I could not have made it through this without you and the treatments. Now you are helping my husband with his back problems and he is feeling better by the day.


Thank you very much ~ Dana


 I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me.


As you know, I tran In Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do with Grandmaster J.S. Lee in Hiram. About 8 months ago I strained my right shoulder. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t fully rotate my shoulder with even more pain. For 6 months I tried to let me\y body heal. I resisted it. I took pain relievers as directed. Still it continued to ache deeply and hurt significantly when used.


I came to see you after I heard other members of or dojang, including Grandmaster Lee speak highly of the results they received under your care. Well I must say, I was amazed. After only a few treatments, the pain was subsiding and mobility was returned.


Now I am back up to strength and working out at full intensity again! If I get injured again I won’t wait 6 months. I’m glad your in Hiram and I have been recommending you to everyone.


Thanks a lot Dr. Pham ~ Art Rogers


For 13 years I have had lower back and neck problems. I would have difficulty getting in and out of the bed, walking, stooping on the floor and even reaching for a glass of water. These movements would cause extreme pain! After visiting my primary care physician, he would prescribe bedrest with muscle relaxants and pain medications. As a nurse, I know this was only a temporary fix. That in time, I would be faced again with another physical dilemma with bedrest and pain medications.


A friend at church informed me about you and how much improvement she had with her neck and back problems. I felt this was a different approach I needed hopefully to heal my back and neck problems. After seeing you with my neck and back problems, I am 100% improved! I can walk, stoop and do physical activity without fear of my neck and back going out.


Dr. Pham, thank you so much for restoring my quality of life. With excitement, I tell my friends and family there is another approach for treating their neck and back problems!


Thank you ~ Sherry Maner



I came to see you about 2 months ago complaining of headaches that would occur 2-3 times a week and sometimes last for days as well as neck and shoulder pain. I had been dealing with the headaches for as long as I can remember. The neck and shoulder pain were more recent and only made the headaches worse. I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel.


Sometimes you get so use to something that you don’t even notice until it is gone. Thta is how I felt about my headaches. I just assumed I would have to live with them or take medications that made it impossible to do what I need to do everyday. In the 2 months that you have been treating me I have only had 2 headaches. The first one was a migraine that was completely gone 2 days after a visit to you (a record for me). The second only lasted a few hours and all I had to do was take a Tylenol. I don’t remember the last time that worked. I don’t think I realized just how much they affected my life and my attitude until they were not there anymore.


I just wanted to let you know how much you were appreciated. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family and God bless you.


Paula Coffman



Through a series of excellent treatment Dr. Pham has completely restored me to a higher and healthy quality of life. I came to him several months ago wondering if my painful back and shoulder would ever be the same as it was years ago. Now after weeks of wonderful therapy and treatment I can truthfully say that I feel like a new man. I haven’t felt this well in over 20 years. Before I could pla a round of gold and be laid up for 3 or 4 days with pain. Now I can play golf twice a week with no pain. I have been truly blessed having been led to Dr. Pham.


Thank you Dr. Pham from the bottom of my heart ~ Charles Little



I want to thank you for the relief from headaches and pain in my neck and shoulders. I have lived with headaches and almost constant pain for more than 20 years and now, finally he headaches are gone and I seldom have any pain in my neck and shoulder.


I am also asthmatic and since being treated by you I have been able to reduce the amount of medicine I have to take, plus my breathing has improved.


Thank you ~ Pat White Allen



I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the excellent care I received from Dr. Pham and his staff.  I was in a motor vehicle accident and had neck and shoulder pain. I went to my regular practioner who took x-rays and gave me medication. I was later told that my x-rays were fine. I didn’t agree with that diagnosis because I was in a lot of pain. I was a little apprehensive in seeing a chiropractor, but when I saw Dr. Pham for the first time all of that went away. Instantly, I saw Dr. Pham’s sincerity. He makes you feel like family. My pain has diminished after 18 visits. Now I can read and turn my head without pain. Again I would like to thank Dr. Pham and his staff for all of their help and kindness.


Sincerely ~ Debra Josephs



I  realized at an early age that I was out of shape. My left side had a deep curve and my right side was straight at the waist. I could never wear outfits that were fitted at the waist, I always had to wear a belt to pull my right side in.

I would occasionally get where my back would go out and I couldn't be comfortable in any position; I couldn't stand, lay or sit with any comfort. This would last anywhere from one to two days.

When I was in the 10th Grade at school, we had chest x-rays done by the county, and they sent me a notice that I didn't have TB, but I did have a condition that should be checked by a physician. This led to a doctor's visit, and then to a bone specialist. They stated that I definitely had a Polio spine. Upon questioning my mother, they determined that when I was around 3 I was very sick one night with a very high fever, but my dad was the type when he got to sleep you could not wake him up, and people did not go to the doctor like they do now (we lived way out in the country). The next morning, Mother said when I walked my legs didn't want to work right, so they thought that was probably when I had Polio.

Through the x-rays, it was determined that my spine is in the shape of an "S" with one severe curve at the top between my shoulder blades, and the other curve begins at my waistline and goes down to the lower part of my spine. It really does not look like a human spine; however, I feel that I have so much to be thankful to the Lord for, when I see all of the other Polio victims in wheelchairs, on crutches, etc. I am very blessed. Like I said before, there were times when my back would go out and I would go to one of the oldtime Chiropractors that did the bone cracking and popping adjustments and put me under a heat lamp. I don't care for this type of adjustments, but they seemed to work at the time.

For the last twenty years, I have had shots in just about every joint that I have. These were for tendonitis, burcitis, and about every itis you can think of; however for the past ten to twelve years I have had problems with my right hip. The shots seemed to help for a while, but then the pain became a constant thing that just never went away. Once in a blue moon, I might have one day that was fairly comfortable. My hip hurt with a burning pain, my thigh would feel like it had novacaine in it and the feeling was trying to come back, so it would sting. Not a very pleasant feeling all around.

Dr. Pham has started a series of treatments and excercises that have given me days at a time pain free. This is a wonderful feeling to be able to sleep or move without pain.


Pat Wilson



I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for helping me overcome a problem that plagued my everyday life for the past 14 years. I was in a severe car accident in 1991. I suffered numerous injuries, and recovered from all of them except whiplash.

The pain in my neck was debilitating at first. I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he prescribed muscle relaxers and a neck brace. This was unacceptable, because I could not lie in bed for several days at a time doped up on pills. When I returned for a follow-up visit, the doctor suggested Ilook into pain management.

Since that time, I learned to cope with pain on a daily basis. I became fanatical about sleeping positions. If I traveled, I carried my pillows. I focused on not turning my head in certain positions and never moving my head too quickly. If I lifted anything heavier than 5 or 10 pounds, I knew I would be forced to take some type of pain reliever that day. Many afternoons or evenings i would have to lie down. My head felt like it weighed 100 pounds. I simply could not hold it up. Also, I am a thrill seeker. If I planned a thrill adventure, I knew I had to allow a few days rest to allow time for the pain to become "manageable" again.

Two short months ago, I was riding in the car with my husband. I was sitting in the seat properly and resting my head against the rest. I tried to look over at my husband and I could not move. We came to your office that afternoon. You took x-rays and began my treatment. I felt skeptical, but I new I was a failure at pain management, so I knew I had to do something different. I am so glad I did!

Neck pain is now a rare occurrence. I even went sky diving! I feel 10 years younger. I haven't fully adjusted yet. I still catch myself "on guard" sometimes. I think, "if I do this, I will be suffering more pain." but those times are becoming less frequent. I can overcome my pain management skills thanks to you and your staff!

I feel like you have given me my life back to live instead of "manage." thank you for helping me.

Sincerely ~Tamma

Hello my name is Andrea and ever since 1 had a car accident on Aug 5th 2004 I've been in pain, I went to all the regular Physicians over and over again they would just treat the pain with pills and even wanted to do pain management with an epidural injection, thank god 1 did not have that done. I spent time doing physical therapy and it did a little for the pain, but as time went on I still had more and more days when I was in pain and some days could not even walk, so after the last visit to my regular physician when he just gave me more pills to take that did not work. I decided to visit DR. Pham that was Feb 20th 2006 and just after the second visit I was able to walk without pain. I began to visit DR. Pham three times a week and every time I got better than the last visit. I still see DR. Pham but I just cannot believe how much better I am in such a short time I’m able to do most everything normally now without the pain. I tell everyone that says they have back pain to go visit Dr. Pham he will take care of the pain. I would like to thank everyone in Dr. Phams office for being so caring and taking time to make alot of people feel great. Special thanks go out to Daniel he is so wonderful will his treatments, he is a great therapist, and Marcie at the front desk making appointments easy for me. And most of all Dr. Pham for giving me my life back pain free.


Thank you Andrea Hewitt